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don't waste your heart on a wild thing

10 October
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The Journal.

This Journal is my personal journal(for now at least). I reserve the right to post whatever I want here but feel free to friend me. Postings could be personal pictures, rants, new graphics to tutorials. Who knows :D
About the girl.

My name is Bri. I'm a 20 yr old from the states. I have many passions, some say there obsessions but i couldn't give a shit. My Best friend says i need therapy and she might be right but for now i am happy to live with my head in the clouds. I love my dogs like they were my children and treat them as such.I like all kinds of music but will always be a country lover.I love to read and write short stories. I have many hobbies but reading, painting, graphic design and sewing are my favorite things to do. No matter what I'm usually always listening to music even if it's my dad playing his. I grew up listening to Tommy James and REO Speedwagon with my dad and still love hearing him play his guitar.
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